When meeting Chris in his open house last year, we got lucky!

When meeting Chris in his open house last year, we got lucky!

We were planning on selling a rental home in San Diego to purchase a home in the desert, but we were not sure where. When shopping open houses, we met Chris hosting an open house at Indian Springs. We were impressed with his knowledge of Indian Springs, neighboring communities and willingness to help, so we asked for his assistance in finding the right neighborhood and home.

During our initial meeting, Chris understood our situation and how to help. He made it clear that he is hear to help when we were ready. While preparing our home for sale, he kept us informed, educated, up to date with the local market conditions with alerts when new listings hit the market.

After selling our San Diego home, we met with Chris on at least 4 occasions to shop for neighborhoods and homes in Palm Desert, La Quinta and in Indio. Chris was very helpful in pointing out the advantages and differences of each neighborhood which helped help us make a decision on where to buy, Indian Springs!

Here is the magic that Chris performed, we were able to buy a FANTASTIC home when it hit the market. Yes, we were th eearly bird that got the worm! How? Because their office is inside the golf clubhouse, they interact with more sellers and agents than anybody at Indian Springs. They get information about new listings sometimes well before they hit the market. Its clear that Chris and his on-site team do more business and know more about Indian Springs than anybody else. Agents call Chris and his team when they get a new listings and this helped us buy a home when it hit the market! We consider ourselves lucky to have found and met Chris in his open house!

Now that we have had the home for almost a month, Chris is still here for us. He has been following up on miscellaneous repairs and HOA items while were are out of town. Plus his team already rented our home for top dollar next winter!

Happy Buyers,
J & A Auten
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